Chemisty Lab Class: Using Web Form to input sample data

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[Posting on behalf of an instructor]


I am teaching a chemistry lab skills class to future process technicians that will be performing repetitive analysis.

I would like to create a basic form (presumeably using HTML and Javascript or similar) to accomplish something like this

Name <InputBox>
Date/Time Stamp <inputBox>

Tare Weight of Empty Aluminum Pan <inputBox var = TareWt> in gram

Tare Weight of Empty Pan + Sample <InputBox var = FullWt>

Net Weight [DisplayBox, Calculated Var = FullWt = TareWt>

Ideally add a submit button and create a one-line CSV that will later get rolled up into a DB after class

Could this be accomplished via a Canvas page (e.g. embedding a Google Form or Microsoft Excel sheet), or better suited for quizzes?




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Hi @cdiputado029,

At first glance, this seems like a decent candidate for a quiz.   I'm not sure if there are really "correct" answers to the questions or not though, so the setup may need to vary.  If there are correct answers that don't depend on each other, a multiple blanks question might work well.  If the answers vary, using one of more essay questions (which would then be manually graded) would probably be the most appropriate.

Someone else may be able to speak about embedding other systems more, but I tend to think that as browser security gets tighter, embedding 3rd party things, especially with submissions, is going to become harder and harder, so I'd go with something built in to Canvas or a 3rd party LTI-compliant solution.

Hope this helps!


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