Converting Third Party Video Links in Canvas

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Recently we migrated content to a new video server.  The existing (old) links in our Canvas courses were not converted.  I am looking for providers who can automate the process of converting the old links (Knowmia) to the current video service provider (Panopto).   

If you have had similar experiences, I  would be interested in learning how you resolved the issue and/or what company you used to automate the conversion.

Thank you. 


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Community Coach

Hi @bradleyt,

If you're using the paid version of Canvas, i'd suggest reaching our to your CSM about this.  If the old and new links are a predictable format (old:  vs new:  or something like that), I think Instructure can do a global search/replace on their database.  They may charge you to do this, but it's definitely something they can do.


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