Countdown On Tests

Community Member

I'm submitting this ticket because I just took a test and in the last couple (10 or so) seconds the test prompted me that it was about to be turned in and I even believe one of the main options was to just turn it in immediately as opposed to continue working until it is automatically submitted and I do not understand the intent behind this feature. If you do in fact want to turn it in you are able to via the regular submit button and if this is instead a way of notifying the test taker on the remaining time then you already have a notification that tells you of the remaining time in the case you do not want to turn it in and need those last couple seconds this massive UI takes up you screen in the last couple seconds and causes you to panic. I apologize if any of this comes across the wrong way it just really frustrated me and I can imagine it has frustrated a few other people before. 

Thank you, Julian