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I have my daily grade broken down to 20 points a day and I can comment and type in about each day, but it does sync to Power school weekly.  Recently I am noticing the daily grades be really low and even if I pretend to give a student full grades, it isn't adjust the end grade.  What could be wrong?  Secondly, if I leave a -- due to a homeschool absence excuse or school related reason, I feel it is affecting the grade vs exempting it.  How can I be sure that -- is exempt and not recording a zero?


Thanks Melanie

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Since Canvas can only send point values to PowerSchool, entering (--) as a score is not recommended. In this case, you would need to reach out to Powerschool to determine what is used for the exempt status. As far as grades not syncing correctly, this would be something you would need to reach out to Canvas support so we can gather more information and troubleshoot as needed.

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