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Is there a way to delete files on canvas once they have been uploaded?

I have duplicates that I want to delete.

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Instructure Alumni

Hi,  @mac79  Welcome to the Canvas Community! You didn't say if you were an instructor or a student, but since you used the word "submissions" in your question title, I'm going to go with that first. You cannot delete files that you've submitted to an assignment. If you have files to delete that aren't associated with assignment instructions, review How do I use Files as a student? , and then follow the instructions in How do I delete a file or folder as a student? 

If you're an instructor, you can click on Files in the course navigation and click on a particular file; the trash can icon will appear in the bar at the top, and you can click on the icon to delete it. You can delete multiple files this way as well. Follow the instructions in to delete a file or folder, or to select multiple files or folders to delete.

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There is no trash or delete option when I look at my files. See attachment.

I am a student and I was having a great deal of trouble uploading my


I have not had this trouble before although I am using Linux. Something


to have changed. I ended up uploading multiple copies of my assignment but


of them were visible to the teacher. I then went to a MAC and was able to

upload them

but in the process I have multiple copies of the assignment and some in the


lesson area. She is very confused so I wanted to clean it up and delete

some copies.

it seems that I am unable to delete any files.

Martha Cunningham

On Fri, Jun 2, 2017 at 2:34 PM, <

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Community Coach

 @mac79 ‌, if these are files you submitted to assignments then no, you (or even your teacher) can't delete them. 

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Is there a way to rename or altogether prevent Canvas from altering the name of a file that you have submitted twice? After uploading a file with the same name for a second time on an assignment submission, it added a "-1" to the end of the file name. I understand this is meant to be helpful, but the file submitted was a java program file that will not compile or run correctly if the file name is altered. Instructors or TA's grading these kinds of assignments may not notice that this was automatically added to the end of the file name, and it could cause issues for students.

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Yes, I agree. As a teacher, I have found it is common for students to mistakenly submit their work under the wrong assignment. There is no way to correct this currently, as teacher or student. 

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How is "no you cannot do that" the solution?

I understand that it is true, but this is not "solved" this is, at best, denied.

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I am concerned that it is impossible for faculty or students to delete files submitted to an Assignment Dropbox. This likely violates University privacy policies. It certainly violates my own policies as I take student privacy very seriously.

  • A student (or I) could inadvertently/mistakenly submit a confidential or proprietary file to an Assignment Dropbox on the Canvas course site. In the past, I have had multiple students submit their confidential peer evaluation to a team Dropbox on our Desire2Learn course management system. Fortunately, I was able to delete those files before team members saw those confidential files. Canvas has no such protection as instructors can't delete student submitted files.  
  • There must be a way for instructors to delete files on Canvas. Instructors must be able to delete student submission files without having to seek the assistance of a campus administrator. Please fix this.

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