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Directly sending students modules/content

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I am trying to send a student an element of a module (link to a recording) directly, but when I search for their name/email in the "send to" feature it does not pop up. In fact, only staff emails populate. How can I send students content directly?



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Canvas is not set up for you to "send" students content. The bottom line is that you can't do it. 

Why can't your students just log into Canvas to access the information they need? If you have clearly labeled and organized your modules and the items in them, just tell them where to go.  For example: "Go to the Week 6 Module. Read Week 6 Chapter Notes. Do Week 6 Quiz."

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Hello @DeaKollekowski 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas community! 

The reason you can't use the Send to option for the student is because that function is only intended for course roles that have the permission for Course Content - add / edit / delete. Typically this is for instructor and sometimes TA roles. 

If you have something in a specific module, you could always send them a link to the module content. You would just go to the module with the recording, click on it and copy the URL at the top of your browser. This link can then be shared with the student as long as it is published and available. The other option would be to locate the media in your files page and send them a link to that file. Of course, the files navigation link would most likely need to be enabled in the course. 

Hopefully this helps! 



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@DeaKollekowski  If you're just sharing content and not collecting work, could you create an Assignment for just that one student and include a link to the file using the RCE? Just select Not Graded and check off Do not count toward final grade. In the Assign to... section choose only the one (or few) student(s) who need the direct link. I can see this being useful for students with IEPs or other special instructional needs.

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