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Screenshot of postsScreenshot of postsI am an Instructional Designer. I understand when discussion questions are set up, they automatically order in most recent activity on top. As students reply to the question, the most recent activity continues to move to the top of the list.

As an instructor, when viewing in the Discussion Area, some of my students' active responses are moving to the top, as they should, but some are remaining at the bottom of the list. When I change to student view, the discussions that are not yet available to students disappear (as they should) but the active discussions still are not ordered by the most recent activity. A few still remain at the bottom, even though there has been more "activity" (responses) than those at the top.

I'm sure it's a setting, but I can't find a difference in the ones that are responding properly and those that are not. I have consulted with our local AIhelp twice, and no one can find an answer.

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Were any of those discussions imported? If so this could be related to an existing ticket. In that case, I suggest reaching out to support to troubleshoot. 

You can use this guide to contact Canvas support.

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