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We have a Categorization question. The categories are Subject and Verb. The correct answers are chosen. When displaying the distractors we want them to show in the order they display in the question stem, not by capitalized words alphabetically and then lower case words alphabetically. 

We want the option to determine the order of the distractors  - is this possible? Or does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?

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In case you pick up on this question again (or someone else finds it).  I reached out to Canvas support to find out what the procedure was for the distractor order - and as expected their response was it was random.  Below is the full response, and as usual, the main point is to submit an idea request.  I would like to think that it would be easy enough to add a way to allow for the instructor to dictate the order of the distractors.  The default could be random, but then have a box to check to allow the order of the answers and distractors to be arranged as desired.

Canvas response 
"I believe this is working as designed. I believe it's randomized each time. 

I haven't received this question and I could not find an existing enhancement request in the community about it. If there is a request to change intended design, we have to build a case for it using a feature enhancement request. The instructor will want to add as much detail as to why the ability to set the order or to order alphabetically would be a valuable enhancement for instructors. 
You can copy me on the enhancement creation and I can make sure that it gets submitted to product. 
Let me know if there are any additional questions. "
So I would reach out to canvas support and/or generate the feature enhancement request.
I had a thought about some possible other questions working, but even if they were doable, they all randomized the possible answers.  So it appears that you are left without a solution to your specific question.

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