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I'm an instructor, and I was successfully duplicating modules in my course, when all of the sudden the option disappeared. I was literally able to duplicate, and then 5 seconds later that option disappeared from the edit menu. Any suggestions? There are no quizzes or legacy / external tools in what I was seeking to duplicate. 

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This is not a feature I use often, so I went into one of my sandboxes to test, and found that my sandbox has two modules, one included "Duplicate" as an option, and one didn't - no structural differences in the modules.

Tested in several live courses, some modules could be duplicated, some could not.

I then reviewed the guide lesson, How to Duplicate a Module, for this function and found two notes:

  • The following limitations apply when duplicating a module:

    • Quizzes—Only New Quizzes quizzes are supported for copying within modules. If a module contains a quiz created by the classic Canvas quiz tool, the option to copy a module does not display in the module menu. Modules can be copied by removing the classic quiz from the module. Classic quizzes are indicated by the quiz icon; New Quizzes quizzes are indicated by the assignment icon.
    • External Tool (LTI) Assignments—A module cannot be copied if it contains an external tool (LTI) assignment. If a module contains an external tool assignment, the option to copy a module does not display in the module menu. Modules can be copied by removing the external tool assignment from the module. The only exception to LTI tools is New Quizzes.
  • Note: If a module cannot be duplicated, the Duplicate link will not appear in the Options menu

I strongly suspect that one of the verboten items is in your modules that will not duplicate - mine had classic quizzes in them. However, if review verifies that none of those items are included, then I would submit a support ticket.

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Thanks for all this info. What ended up fixing it is logging out of Canvas and logging back in. 😥

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