Duplicating Rubrics

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Can you duplicate a rubric and then revise and save it as a new rubric?

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 @mbunn ‌,

Hello! You cannot necessarily duplicate a rubric, but you can add an existing rubric to an assignment. Then you can edit the title of the existing rubric that you chose and make any edits or customizations that you may need. I have included some information below that you might find helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

How do I manage rubrics in a course? 


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From within your course, you can easily duplicate a rubric as many times as you need by simply importing that baseline rubric from that course into the same course and then renaming the duplicate.  You can do this repeatedly as long as you rename them.  When you import content from a Canvas course into itself (that is, import from the course into the same course), Canvas will warn you that the first copy will create a duplicate and subsequent copies will overwrite.  But as long as you rename the duplicates as you make them, there is no "collision" of names and you can just keep duplicating.  Here's a video that shows how I do it.

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