Easy way for a parent to see their child's homework assignements and completion?

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Hello everyone! 

I am really struggling to see the value in the parent observer account for Canvas.  We will get notifications for completed homwork and subsequent grading, however it just tells me it was completed/score.

Furthermore there is no easy way to see a quick overview of what homework our child has assigned and when due and if completed.  Perhaps I am missing something but I have looked.  I am not technology challenged either as I build computers.  The only way we can do this is to go to the assignments and clock previous through all class activites, and not just homework. 

The calendar would be useful to achieve what I think Canvas lack by showing the due dates and if the assignment is completed. That way I can log in every day and check on my child.  To add to my frustrations, when I go to the notification, it doesn't show me his work. 

I hope there are some settings or perhaps it is related to how our district/and or teacher are not using Canvas correctly?  It is all very frustrating because our child got a low score in math, and he has never done this.  I know it is due to the online learning environment.

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