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I'm embedding Vimeo videos into the Canvas page however I need to change the 'view' size to not be so large. Attached is an example of what I want the page to look like (with embedded videos), however when I embed any video, it automatically takes the full size which is not good for viewing on a mobile. I've tried finding the setting within the editor section of the page but not luck. I've also searched the Canvas guides with no answer. There must be a way as it's already the case on other pages in our assessments. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!

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When I am in Vimeo I choose Embed: Then I get the option Responsive or Fixed. (See screendump).

Normally I use Responsive, but when I don't want the video so big on the page i use Fixed, and put in a width in pixels. In the Canvas mobile app it looks fine. There is no difference when the phone is held vertically.

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