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Embedding an assignment doc across multiple teacher courses

I am the only person teaching my course at my school, but there are teachers who teach it at other buildings in our district. We created a collaborative course that we built our curriculum within and add content to across the year. We can then copy material out into our own courses. Some other teachers have shown how to embed a Google Doc or a OneDrive Word doc into an assignment in such a way that students can type right into the document and hit submit without ever leaving the assignment screen. We have talked about doing this within our own content. 

Our goal is to set up our assignments, either on OneDrive or Google (we have both) in a shared folder that we all have access too. Then embed the assignments into our collaborative course in the manner described above so it can be edited/submitted without leaving the assignment page. Then be able to copy the Canvas assignment page from our collaborative page to the ones we use with students and it is ready to use without any additional edits. Another teacher said that the assignments had to be relinked when a copied to another teacher's course.

Is this a possibility and if yes, could someone provide some guidance to help us?

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When my course has included a file stored in the files section, sometimes copying the course has broken the link so that only those with access to the original course have a functional link.  The link to the file that was copied with the course had to be recreated.  The validate links button is usually able to identify this for me.  I understand that it is not supposed to be an issue that continues with the new RCE.

That might be similar to what one of your teachers was explaining.  An error may occur with the copy that would keep the embedded copy of the assignment linked to your collaborative page, instead of linking to a separate copy in the course for students.  All you would need to do is correct the embedded link if the error occurred.  I don't use the kind of embedded documents you describe (or google or onedrive assignments) so you might need more specialized feedback.

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I would be worried about the embed codes breaking or permissions not working. 

Another idea, could your institution create a template course that all of your faculty have access to. Then the assignments could be created and updated there and shared out to individual courses when needed.  Canvas has a new copy/send tool that makes it very easy to copy individual assignments, quizzes, and other activities and pages instead of importing.  For example, How do I send an assignment to another instructor? So you could create the assignments right in Canvas without having to embed documents from a third party tool. 

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We are worried about the same breakage.

Our district already uses blueprint courses. Our ability to create our own courses is restricted and it would require multiple blueprint courses for just our department if we pursued that route.

Actually, what we are doing is already very similar to your suggestion. We have a course for each of our units that we have built out as our "templates." Then we have the courses we use with students. As we make material within our classes, we can then curate them into our templates. Then we just import the entire template course in at the start of a new semester.