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Our teaching team is working on creating a final exam. As part of the final, we want to use the Student Annotation assignment as one of the component parts of the exam. While I know how to create a Student Annotation assignment (which uses the DocuViewer), I'm not sure how we would embed it within the exam itself. Is there a way to add/embed this assignment within the "assignment" that will be the multi-part exam?

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros

Not directly. You cannot directly embed an assignment within another.

However, one option that could work depending on how assignments are already set up in the class is a combination of assignment groups and modules.

- You could create an assignment group that is titled "Final Exam".

- In that group you would create multiple assignments which would include the student annotation assignment and any other "parts" of the exam.

- If each part is weighted differently, be sure to set up the points accordingly.

- Create a module titled "Final Exam" and include all the parts to the final exam.

- As an alternative to modules, you could also create a page titled "Final Exam" with hyperlinks leading to each of the exam parts.

This solution could be thrown out the window if your instructor already has an intricate setup for their assignment groups.

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