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Event ID


I need to find information related to some events about deleted courses in canvas. Looking in Admin Tools, specifically Logging>Course activity and then Event details, I can see information that gives me an Event ID, date, time, user, source and the type of event. But I would like to know where to find the event. In Event ID it gives me a number that identifies the event. Where do I look for that event with that id?

I attached an example. 

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Hello @mcarrion 

I understand that you are asking about the event Id you see when you search for course activity in the Admin Tools area of your account. 

I believe that the event ID you see there indicates an ID number, which can be used in the Canvas API to look at more details of what took place, as far as the course activity.  

I was able to find this information about events in the Canvas API documentation if you want to take a look at it. 

Hopefully this helps!