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Is there a way to create a form that the TEACHER completes?  

I need to have a Teacher fill out a Progress Report for each learner when they sit down and have a meeting with them.  It's not tied to a Course, but to the Learner.  

Even a repeatable survey would be a workaround.

But as far as I can tell, there are is no way to have forms (I can't require my learners to all have a Google account) or any method for teacher feedback to a learner that isn't tied to a specific assignment.  

Please help! 

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Community Coach

Hi @AtSea 

There is no tool built into Canvas to do this as far as I can tell, since Canvas is built around course contents and assessments delivered to students.   The quiz/survey functionality is designed to be delivered to students, not teachers. There is a "notes" option in the grade book, but it is just a general text field where the instructor can enter notes regarding the student.

If this is data that is supposed to be consolidated, and tied to the learner rather than the course, you'll probably need to find an external tool to do this, possibly one tied to your advising or student information system. 

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