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Google Analytics stopped working

Our Google Analytics stopped working around 16th April 2021. I have tested GAnalytics outside of Canvas and all is working fine. However on canvas all set items were working until 15th April. Anyone any ideas on what might have gone wrong? Any updates on Canvas which would block the tracking? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @martin_kabat 

I would guess a bug, and it is time to submit a support tick. When in Canvas, go to Help, then chose "Report a Problem".

Good luck,


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Community Participant

Thank you, I have asked for help but Canvas support passed it to L2 and L2 just blames Google.

I would like to ask if the js for google analytics, that is shared on community Canvas is still working

We have just noticed this issue too. Around the 15th April Google Analytics stopped tracking Page Views properly (though Users and Sessions appear to be ok). Has anyone found a solution for this yet?