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When I was an undergrad, one of my English professors set up his quizzes the following way:

  • Quizzes were worth 10 points
  • Each question was worth 2 points
  • There were six questions

From the above, you can see there were 12 points possible on a 10-point quiz. The remaining two points were not bonus--there was a hard cap of ten points on any quiz. But the idea was that you could miss one question and still get a perfect score.

When I first started teaching, and used paper quizzes, I ran mine the same way. It's easy to do with pen and paper.

But is there any way to achieve this in the Canvas quizzes, either old or new?

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Per Greydon's comment, it can't be done--not through the automated systems. I can do it manually by altering/fudging the grades, but I was hoping for something I could set and forget and didn't have to babysit.

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