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I teach 3 different courses, all with different assignments. Is there a way in the gradebook to only show assignments assigned to the specific course I'm grading? When I filter by course, every assignment for all 3 courses within the grading period appears. 

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This strikes me as needing some clarification. Typically, when referring to a courses on Canvas, that refers to separate courses with separate enrollments. On the Dashboard, they would show up as different Courses. When you click on one of those courses, then go to the Gradebook, only the assignments in that course would show up. It will not show assignments from other courses. If you are teaching different courses (for example: Chemistry, Biology, and Geology), each with their own content, then the ideal setup would be to have separate courses for each within Canvas.

If you are seeing multiple courses from within one course, then that implies that students are set up by Sections within the course and all content from all three courses are present when you look at Modules/Pages/Assignments...and the Grades page would show all assignments.

So that leads to wondering which of these scenarios is accurate for you? If you click on a single course on the dashboard and can see the students/assignments/etc for all three of your courses, then that means your Canvas "course" is set up so that each of your actual courses are sections within the "course." This is not an ideal way to organize everything and would lead to your issue. If this is true, when you go to the gradebook (the Grades page), look for an option above the list of students that says "Apply Filter." Within that menu, you want to choose Section to filter the gradebook for specific sections. That would filter your list of students at least. It will not filter the assignments down, but any column that shows all grey boxes (rather than alternating grey and white) would be assignments that are not assigned to that group. 

Without more clarification, this is the best I can suggest. Go to your Dashboard. If each course is separate, then we might need to see a screenshot of your Gradebook. If you have only a single course, then that could be the issue.

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Essentially this is about differentiating your students via Canvas sections.

This may be covered by my response to this post 

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