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I have a course which has almost 200 students, is it possible to create groups automatically adding students to specific groups, not just split them randomly into groups.  For example;  all students in the course belong to different years and need to be split into groups year 1, year 2, etc in the course.  Does this have to be done manually?

Regards, Kerrie.

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I don't think Canvas would have a way to separate the students by year and then randomly sort. Doing 200 students one at a time sucks (I have manually sorted that many students by hand into groups, so I feel for you), but it can be cranked out in under 30 minutes.

Another option might be to create the groups and allow self-sign up, then instruct the students to add themselves to the correct group for their year. Even if not every student does it, that can drastically reduce the number of students you'd have to sort yourself.

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