HELP - my annotations in the canvas doc speedgrader are not saved

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I am grading exams that will take some days to finally grade. I am marking up ticks, comments as well as using my rubric. For the first few papers, these ticks, comments have saved (even though I have not submitted any marks yet). But for the later papers, it is very annoying, these markup ticks and comments DO NOT SAVE. I move to the next paper and when I return to the previous one, the ticks, etc are not there. I don't get any message or similar that these are not saved.

This seems crazy. I need to markup for later feedback but I won't be submitting the mark, etc for canvas until several days away at the end of my exam marking. this is a serious problem in canvas online grading in the system.

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This sounds like an issue with your browser, have you noticed this issue when using another browser? I suggest clearing your browser's cache using this guide and making sure you have it updated to the latest version and then try again to see if you still encounter this issue.



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