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Help, I have lost a quiz and my student grades.

Good morning, I am a new instructor and new to Canvas; I lost a quiz and my student grades. How can I retrieve them? Thank you. eisenhauerj@lackawanna.edu

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What do you mean by "lost?" If you accidentally deleted it, you can follow the instructions to undelete it here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Canvas-Admin-Blog/Undeleting-things-in-Canvas/ba-p/267116

You can restore a deleted quiz, and republish it to recover the student grades.

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how do i restore a quiz submissions that have been lost after reopening quiz for one student?  I reopened a quiz for a student with a new due/close date and all the submissions for the same quiz have disappeared from the module.  The grades for the lost quiz are visible in Grades History and I found the analytics report for the quiz, but I can no longer view (and I assume the students who've taken the quiz can't either) the students' submissions.  Please help.  carinapamilar@burbankusd.org

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@CarinaPamilar I am guessing you did a common misstep when opening it back up for the one student.  When you opened it back for the one student, did you remove the "Everyone" in the assign to box?  If you did, this removed it being assigned to everyone but the student you opened it back up for.  If you put back the everyone, all the grades and submissions will show back up.  In the future, just click the "+ Add" button at the bottom of the assign to box and then you can enter the student's name that you need to open it back up for and you will notice that the "Everyone" switches to "Everyone Else" in the first box as Canvas is smart enough to figure out that you changed one of your students assignments.

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Hope this helps!