How can I get my badge?

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I have just completed a course by MOOC, I got an e-mail for successfully completing the course, yet I can't get my badge, as it shows no badge when I log in to Badgr to get my badge. What should I do? Thank you! I really do need my badge

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Hi,  @shogher84 ‌

Thanks for posting. Was the badge perhaps awarded to a different email address than the one you created your account with? You can add additional email addresses or case variants from your profile menu.

Also, the badge will appear in a user's backpack if they are both on the same server. So, if a badge was awarded from the US server, it will automatically appear in a US backpack. If you are using an EU backpack for instance, you'll need to import it into your backpack on that server.

If you continue to have trouble you can test your badge and recipient information at You can also contact for help.

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