How can I undelete a course through the Canvas test site?

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I mistakenly deleted a few concluded courses and I want to bring them back into my Canvas instance.  I am seeing that they are still available on our Canvas test site.  How can I reinstate them before they are officially deleted?

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Hello rpsimon...

If you are a Canvas administrator at your school, there might be a way for you to get your courses back in your "Production" environment.  However, you'll need some information from your "Test" environment to help retrieve those courses in your "Production" environment.

  1. Log in to your "Test" environment.
  2. Navigate to the course(s) in question.
  3. Take note of each Course ID number (Example:
  4. Log out of the "Test" environment.
  5. Log in to your "Production" environment.
  6. Use this Guide: How do I restore a deleted course in an account?.  You will be plugging in the Course ID numbers that you pulled from Step #3 that number should match the Course ID number of the course you accidentally deleted in your "Production" environment.

Hopefully this will work for you, Rebecca.  If not, then your next option would be to:

  1. Export the course from your "Test" environment: How do I export a Canvas course?
  2. Import the course export file to an empty course shell in your "Production" environment: How do I import a Canvas course export package?

Please let Community members know if you have any questions about these steps....thanks!!!  Stay safe, and be well.

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