How do I assign a quiz to a group

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I have created a couple of groups in my course, and I want to assign a different quiz to each group. However, though you can assign an assignment to a group, the same option doesn't exist when setting up a quiz. I even tried setting up an assignment with the assignment type as "External Tool" and then choosing the New Quizzes engine as the tool. The minute I did that, I lost the ability to make it a group assignment.

Any ideas?

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Hello @debbie_ellis !

Thank you for your feedback, and I have mentioned the suggestions in this thread to my team. 

I checked our current and archived Feature Requests, and it looks like this thread is related:

The Ideas page is the best way to get an idea like this up to Engineering, so I would recommend reviewing this thread, and either showing your support on that idea, or creating a new one as the linked post is a year old. 

At Instructure, we do our best to build our products to fit the needs of our users, so your voice matters! 

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