How do I create a flash as a banner or a button?

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I have a coworker who said she used Canva (the online platform, not CanvaS) to do some animated banners and buttons. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do that. The only thing I can figure out is making a video, but then it doesn't auto-play once it's embedded onto the page. I can't see how to make a .gif in Canva, so I don't know how she did it. What's the best way to make animated banners and buttons and how do I add them onto my pages? Thanks!

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I've never done one in Canva, but it looks like the option is after you create the series of images, click Download and select .gif (beta).  It's fairly rudimentary and just goes through the different pages you had for the project.  It looks like with a Pro Canva account they do have a new Animator tool which has more options.

If you are able to get an .mp4 video, just google "mp4 to animated gif" and you'll find several sites that will convert. The one time I made one I simply used Google Presentation, created a series of slides and then use a program to screen capture and create a video as I moved through them.  Then I converted the mp4 video to an animated .gif.  I was using a system named VidGrid which my school licenses for both the screen recording and the conversion to .gif, but there are other free tools available.  Below is my silly example I made with that technique. 


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