How do I delete a file upload assignment submission as a student or teacher?

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I have read the following guides:


As I understand it, only Admin can delete uploaded files on assignment, right?

But can not a student delete their own uploaded files on assignment? If a student accidentally uploads the wrong file, then the student must be able to delete it? Or that I give permission to the teacher to delete incorrect files. It will be a lot of work for me as an admin if I have to delete files for students who have made mistakes in all the courses and assignments that exist. How to get around this problem?

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Hello @henric 

You are correct in that the option to delete a submission is only available for Admin roles. The instructor and Student are unable to actually delete submissions due to their course role permission set. The student can always re-submit to the assignment and the instructor can use the latest submission to be used for the final grade, if needed. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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