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How does your school/institution handle incomplete grades? How long do you allow for incompletes?

How does your school/institution handle incomplete grades?  We are in the process of moving from Blackboard to Canvas.  In Blackboard we were able to create columns for the Incomplete grades, and we used the notes for instructions to include any additional information.  

thank you … 

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Per our college policy, students who receive an incomplete grade have a calendar year to complete the work and resolve an incomplete grade. This presents a challenge for us since our courses are set to be invisible to students after the semester end date. 

Here are the options we have at my college:
  1. Manually enroll the student's user into a Canvas course next semester. Their work will not transfer over into the new course, but scores for the assignments they had done can be typed manually into the gradebook.
  2. Create a sandbox course, add the necessary content and assessments, and then manually enroll the student's user in that course. This is of course more helpful if the instructor is not teaching the same course with the same assignments in the next semester.
  3. Use a new section in the original Canvas course. The steps are to create a section inside that course (setting appropriate dates), enrolling the student in the section, and then giving the *section* (not the student) extended deadlines as needed for assignments.
All of these options depend on the settings and permissions of your Canvas instance. For example, the permission to create a section is linked to the cross-listing permission. Where I teach, we have cross-listing turned off during the term to reduce the risk of student work being "lost" when a section is cross-listed.
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Hi @sbocard 

My institution does what @GregoryBeyrer described in his step 3.  I've had to do so several times and it works really well.  Be sure to also enroll the instructor in the new section or they may lose access, depending on the term settings at your college.