How to hide all exam grades until I want to display them?

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I want to hide grades for tests until I am done grading all of them. I had manually enter grades selected for the exam but this doesn't seem to have stopped grades from being posted after I was done grading each exam. 

How do I go about hiding the grades until I just press a button that posts all of them? 

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Hello, @ajhall24!

Go into your gradebook for your course. You can do this for just one assignment by clicking on the three dot menu for that specific assignment/quiz and choosing "Hide grades". You'd want to do that right away before you start grading, or if it's not available before you start, right after grading the first exam. Then, when they're all graded, return to that same menu and choose post grades.

Or, you can make this your default by going into the settings wheel in the gradebook, going to the grade posting policy tab, and choosing "Manually post grades". All assignments and quizzes will remain with the grades hidden by default until you go to the three dot menu and choose post grades for each assignment. I personally use this option so I can double check for any errors or do that hand grading you're talking about before anyone sees any grades. Saves me many a student freak out. 🙂



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Just to clarify, the steps in the first paragraph will only hide things that have already been graded.  The "Hide grades" menu will not affect anything graded after that selection has been made.  The best way to do this is outlined in your second paragraph.  Before any grading is done, change the grade posting policy for the assignment to Manual, then do all of the grading, and use the Post option when ready for students to see the grades.


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