Immersive Reader Button Disappears On Student Pages When Opening Content

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How do you get the Immersive Reader to actually read the readings in the student role?  The Immersive Reader button disappears when the content is opened.  It only reads what is in the shell of canvass - which is not the professor's assigned readings or pdfs; it's just the headings to the assignments basically - only content literally typed into the canvass shell but no uploaded content whatsoever.  Surely, I must be missing how to enable it correctly as that doesn't make sense.  What is the point of an Immersive Reader if the reading assignments aren't accessible?  That isn't helping anyone with reading disabilities. I must be have something wrong with the settings but I cannot find them.  I need some help.

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Hi Lynda,

I haven't worked much with Immersive reader, but my understanding from the document I see (  and  is that it reads actual Canvas content, not file attachments.

I also see from the Microsoft site that Immersive Reader does not read PDFs 

Microsoft has more information about Immersive Reader at 

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Hello @LyndaWilliams thanks for posting to the Community.

Looking into our guide, it does mention "You can use the Microsoft Immersive Reader when viewing the Course Home Page or Syllabus or when viewing an individual assignment or page" 

So we should be able to use the Microsoft Reader inside Pages, as well as the Syllabus and Assignments. However, Files are not going to be able to be read by the Immersive Reader. 

Hope this helps!

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Wow.  Thank you for finding that.  I'm floored that my college is paying for a system that is useless.  What a total waste of money.  This does absolutely NOTHING for students with disabilities.  I'm going to have a talk with DISABLED STUDENTS PROGRAMS & SERVICES ay my school about this.  This is unacceptable. So in other words, Immersive Reader is a non compliant illusion of disabled student services but in fact is just an absolute waste of funds.  And this question has been marked as solved.  According to whom?  Talk about a fail. 

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