Imported Assignments v. Assignments?

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In regard to the grade book:

What are Imported Assignments?

What is the different between it and Assignments?

Why they have  different accumulated % between the two columns, for the same course?

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Hi Judith,

In the specific terminology of Canvas an "assignment" can mean one of two things.  There is a content item type called "Assignment" which is usually used one of two main ways - either as a way for students to drop off an electronic work product to be graded, usually in the SpeedGrader or the term is also sometimes used more generally to refer to anything counting towards the final grade in the course.  "Imported assignments" isn't standard or official Canvas terminology.  Because you are referring to different accumulated percentages in columns I suspect you are encountering course content in a course that is using weighted assignment groups.  If you go to the Assignments tab in your course, do you see all the assignments grouped into groups that appear sort of like modules with the group weight displayed to the right of the group title?

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Community Coach

Hi jshemerp...

To add to what  @scottdennis  has stated...  I've seen "Imported Assignments" as an assignment group (on the "Assignments" index page) when content/assignments are imported from one course to another.  So, if you go to your "Assignments" page in your course, you can easily move any assignments from that assignment group into a different assignment group (the default assignment group is called "Assignments"), and then you can get rid of the "Imported Assignments" assignment group.  It's just taking up space in your my opinion.

I hope these resources will be of help to you, Judith.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this.  Be well...stay safe.

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Is there a setting where assignments I copy from another class go directly in the assignments module instead of the "imported assignment" module. I know I can move them, but I really don't want to move every assignment I import for the remaining five classes. Having to copy the assignment five times (instead of pushing it to five classes at once) is already too much work.

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