Importing Content overwriting previously imported Quizzes

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I've been using the Settings -> Import Content method to import quizzes and Canvas keeps overwriting some of the quizzes. 

I do a daily quiz in class and since each quiz has the exact same settings I created a Practice Course and created a template for the quiz to make sure I set all of them with the same time and other settings. Well in the beginning this was great but now Canvas keeps overwriting some of the previous quizzes when I try to import it again, but it doesn't do it for every "template", just for some of them and I can't figure out what is going on. It has already seriously screwed up a few assignments that I didn't catch in time. 

Last fall I was able to just copy a quiz from the same course but this semester it was overwriting them, which is why I created the Practice Course, but even that started to mess up. I just want an easy way to create "templates" so I ensure I get the settings identical each day or week depending on how often the assignment is completed. 

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 @jmhigdon5 , greetings! Just last week we had a faculty member with the same issue. We contacted Canvas Support and they said you can no longer do this to create a copy of a quiz. Instead, they recommended downloading the quiz and then re-uploading it. 

You would do this first to create a copy of a quiz - How do I export quiz content from a course? 

And then this to get the quiz back into your course - 

This was very frustrating for us - and it lost our faculty member quiz grades for two quizzes - but thankfully this workaround isn't too bad. 

Hope this helps! Kona

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