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Importing section due dates

I'm hoping to find a way to import section based deadlines.
I manage a Canvas course with 115 students and 7 sections and around 50 assignments. Each section has custom Available and Due dates for each assignment since their labs meet on different times each week.

Because of the staggered schedule I must manually enter 7 different Available and Due dates for each assignment. This is a huge burden at the start of every semester so I'm wondering if there is a way to either batch edit due dates by section or if there is a way to import the deadlines. I am able to adjust and import dates for the entire course, but any section-based deadline disappears.

I have gone through existing solutions but each solution still requires me to manually assign dates for each section. Right now my best solution is to create a keyboard macro for each section and edit each assignment one-by-one.

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Hi @GLoya Unfortunately, there isn't a way to import those dates with the section. 
But you can use the "edit assignment dates" option to have all the assignments dates displayed in the same page where you can edit them all in the same place. 
It would still be a bit of work as you need to put in the dates you need, but you won't need to go into each assignment and edit each one.

In the "edit assignments dates" page, you can see the dates for each section where you can edit it. 

Here is a guide that explains how to use that feature. 

How do I bulk update due dates and availability dates as an instructor? 


Thank you.

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately this solution does not work either.

This method works to edit existing dates, but after assignments are imported Canvas defaults to assign it to the entire class. I still have to go into each one and assign it to each section. With this date editor, I don't see a way to assign by section or to edit the times within the day.

For example, Assignment A is available 2/2 and due 2/2