Infinite Campus: Students not removed from roster after schedule change

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We are seeing a strange issue with our rosters syncing from Infinite Campus.

When a student has a schedule changed before the first day of school, counselors are not able to place an end date on the section enrollment in Infinite Campus.

This means that these students are not included anywhere on the roster import from IC.  They are not listed at all (not even as concluded enrollment)

Canvas does not know to remove these students from the Canvas roster.

As a result, hundreds of students who had a schedule change before the semester began are lingering on incorrect Canvas rosters indefinitely.  

Has anyone seen this behavior?  Any fixes beyond manually removing those students as teachers notice them on the roster?

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Hi @MrReed 


While I have not experienced this myself. I would recommend two options. If your integration is Canvas managed, consider reaching out to Canvas Support so that SIS staff can assist. It may also be necessary to reach out directly to Infinite Campus so that their support staff can check the data being entered. If it's not going to Canvas at all, then that typically means required information is missing.

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