Is it possible to make a Canvas quiz into a Canvas question bank?

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I have faculty who have created quizzes in Canvas, but have later realized that they'd like those quiz questions to be added to question banks. From what I can see, it is possible to add a question bank question to a quiz, but not the reverse. Can someone confirm this to be true? Are there any plans on the roadmap to make it possible to create question banks from quizzes created in Canvas?

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 @Amanda_L_Albrig ​,

There is a way to get a quiz that was created first into a question bank.  If you export the quiz and then import it back into the course as a question bank using the QTI .zip format when importing (choose create a new question bank).  This will bring the questions back into the course in that newly created question bank.  Going forward I would encourage those faculty to start with building their questions first then adding them to a quiz to avoid this workaround.  Hope that helps.

Thanks, Sam

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