Is it possible to remove or collapse the right 'Course Status' bar?

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To the right of any course page (module/assignment/page/etc.) is a 'Course Status' side bar which includes quick links for settings and items 'coming up'. This specifically applies for the instructor, but could also apply to students.

Is it possible to collapse this bar or remove is to increase page real-estate?


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@joel_taylor -

If I understand your question as to where you are seeing that menu, there must be a way at the institution level.  In my courses, the only place I see that page is on the home page - which makes sense.  Seeing it on other pages (quizzes, assignments, etc) may be useful if content needs to be imported  because you have the link right there instead of having to go back to the home page.

My best guess is that it is a setting that your institution can turn on or off with your instance of Canvas.  


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