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I'm currently enrolled in Canvas Conversations as my institution is preparing to move from BbLearn to Canvas. In order to complete the modules within Canvas Conversations, I have to enroll in two different Learning Pathways. I followed the steps to access the Training Services Portal, and I authorized access. However, I received the following message (I took a screen shot of the message and attached it to my post):

Can someone assist me with this issue? Thanks!


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Community Coach

Hi @DennisMarcello,

I think this is a question you'll need to ask the local Canvas support team at your school/institution.  The global Canvas community is able to provide guidance with a lot of Canvas things, but this is a very specific one and we cannot access your Canvas environment, nor can we see what kind of service(s) your school/institution purchased for you to be able to access.

I know this is not necessarily a complete solution to your question, but since it's the guidance anyone running into this issue in the future likely needs, I'm going to mark is as the solution here.


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