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I have been unable to locate within Canvas (as an instructor) a way to get a list of assignments that have outcomes attached or a list of which assignments are using a specific outcome.

For instance: Which assignments did I use Outcome 2A with?

Currently, I have selected my grade calculation for outcomes as "average" and therefore there is a known issue that using the student or individual view of the Learning Mastery Gradebook appears blank. (see

This means I have no clear way of communicating with students which assignments are calculating into their gradebook averages and/or finding the feedback for a specific outcome. I could manually create this list, however I've been using this feature now for several weeks and just now learning about the problem linked above. I wonder if there is a way to generate it and I just can't find it.

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Community Coach

Hello, @CharleneFortner . You are in luck! The November 19 release of Canvas will include a list of aligned items for each outcome. And we'll be able to filter outcomes to find out which ones do (or don't yet) have things aligned with them:

Canvas Release Notes (2022-11-19) - Instructure Community


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