Looking for a way to export Quiz questions as a Txt. or CSV, or PDF to use as Study Guide handout

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I'll likely not get a statement to the question; trying again and again hopefully.

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Hi there @cmccann1! It depends on if you are using Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes. If you aren't sure which one you are using, I have a screenshot at the end of this post showing where to find something in New Quizzes. If your quiz building doesn't look like that, then you are using Classic Quizzes.

If you are using Classic Quizzes, there is not a built-in way to do this unfortunately. Your best workaround would be to preview your quiz, and then in your browser, print the page as a PDF (this creates a PDF of the website for you, it doesn't actually print off anything). You will likely get a very long PDF and it'll have everything else that is there on the website showing, but it'll do.

If you are using New Quizzes, then yes! There is the option to print the quiz with or without answers, and you could choose to print that as a PDF. Go into the Build tab for the quiz and select the three dots in the upper right, then choose to print blank quiz, and then print to PDF

Screenshot 2024-05-02 093442.png

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Oh, you're trying to print them off out of an item bank but the bank isn't there to add to your New Quiz, @cmccann1? New Quizzes can be difficult with item banks. Basically, if you are building a New Quiz, you have to be sure that the questions are in an Item Bank, not a Question Bank from the Classic Quizzes. But there still isn't a way to directly convert Question Banks into Item Banks even though they are basically the exact same thing. If your New Quiz isn't finding the bank, it is likely because it is still a Question Bank. Are those enough confusingly similar terms for you? 😂

Basically, you will have to build a Classic Quiz, put in your entire Question Bank, export the quiz, import it in as a New Quiz, and convert that New Quiz into an Item Bank 😓 It is not a good flow at all right now and has been a huge pain point for many of us since the launch of New Quizzes. 

Another Canvas community member, @BradMoser put out a video last year with another workaround that seems to be quicker and easier, which you could also try out.

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