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Making Changes Without Canvas Notifying Students?

What settings do I need to change, or what do I need to do so Canvas does not send out notifications when I make changes to things?  Obviously, things like Announcements I want all students to see and want them to receive a notification of, but when, for example, I give an exemption to one student to do something special, and I make those changes on Canvas, it blasts it out to every student so they know.  This should be the right of the instructor to make those decisions and it should be between the individual student and instructor, not to the knowledge of everyone in the class due to extenuating circumstances that others do not need to be privy of.  Or, if I just update a page, it sends an announcement.  These excess announcements are not necessary for students -- think how many they are getting from me times how many classes they have - they must be going crazy from trying to read all of the announcements! 

Is there any workaround for this?


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Community Coach

Hello there, @natsmy ...

Generally speaking, notifications of things that happen in Canvas are controlled by the end user.  This means that you can set your own notification settings, and your students can set their own notification settings, too, depending on how and when they want to be notified about various things in Canvas.  You cannot set notification settings for your students.  This is something that they would need to do on their own.  Here are a couple Guides:

For "Pages" content, there is an option you can select when creating/edit a content page to "Notify users that this content has changed".  I'm not sure if you use this option or not, but it might be something to investigate on your end.  This is covered in the Guide, How do I create a new page in a course? - Canvas Community, under the section "Edit Page Settings".

Hope this helps a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thank you!  Take care, and be well.

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I understand what you are saying, but making changes in the notification, as you say, only affects MY notifications - that's not what I need. And I NEVER select "notify students that the page has changed" - NEVER, yet it always does.  It's quite frustrating and unnecessary to me.