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Making Videos in Word on iPad

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone will have an answer to this question because I am unable to find it online.  My students are needing some additional help so I want to do some videos for them using my iPad.  I want to use that because I can write on that with the pencil and show them examples of problems while talking.  I will use the Word program.

My problem is that I can only get one sheet to come up --- does anyone know how to get continuous sheets like it does when you are typing in Word?


Thank you so much!!

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I may need more information to assist you with this. Are you needing help with the annotations feature?

How do I add DocViewer annotations in the Teacher app on my iOS device? 

Or are you needing help using Microsoft Word? For this, I suggest reaching out to Microsoft directly for support. 



I need both, actually, so thank you for this!