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I am trying to make logo in which I want to show my user the Mod Apk of Car Simulator 2 for my website. But, I came to know that the image would be in webp format that do not distrub you r core web vitals. So, Is this possible that I can make pic in canva and directly change into webp format in canva.

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@MICHEL009 ...

I think you've posted your comment on the wrong website, unfortunately.  This is the Canvas Community website.  Canvas (not Canva) is a Learning Management System (LMS) where schools and places of higher education can add course content for teaching online.  Canva, on the other hand, is an online graphics design website...where you can design things like logos, banners, etc.  I suggest posting your question on a Canva discussion forum of some kind in hopes that you'll be able to get some help there.  Good luck to you!

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