Multi-factor authentication problem

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Hello! Lately I have been experiencing when I log into canvas a pop up almost every single time asking for me to verify a code that has been sent to my phone. It is getting quite annoying having to get the code every time to log in.. does anyone know how to shut this off?

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Community Coach

Good morning, @AshleyKing139 ...

Multi-factor authentication is typically for security reasons and to protect your information, but I can understand how getting this time after time can be cumbersome.  You're going to need to contact someone at the Community College system of New Hampshire about Canvas Community members wouldn't be able to assist with this kind of question.  (Every school that uses Canvas as their Learning Management System handles username/password authentication differently.)  I found this page on your school's website: Canvas Support Information - Community College System of New Hampshire (  You may need to use the link found in the paragraph, "For other issues that cannot be handled by Canvas support..." as you will probably need to talk with your college's local IT Help Desk.

Hope this helps a bit.  Good luck!

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