My teacher said I was cheating but I was't

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I was taking a test and mid test my teacher calls me out for leaving my screen. Later that day she emails me that "You got a zero on the test. You left the Canvas page during the test to google answers. I have screenshots of your computer screen and a log of your activity." I never left the screen when I took the test but she says she has screenshots. My question is can teachers see if you opened a tab on google? How do we know that this log activity is accurate? I saw multiple times people complaing that it was innacurate and that there were problems with the log activity.

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Hi @Vsanchez2204200,

I can tell you that Canvas itself cannot take screenshots of where you may have browsed while taking a quiz, it can detect if you've left the quiz window and teachers can see reports of that.  With that being said, there are 3rd party plugins to Canvas that can allow for screenshots and recordings to be taken.  The users here in the global Canvas Community can't access your specific Canvas environment, so we have no way to know what may be in use for your particular school/institution.  Ultimately, conversations about academic integrity issues like this have to happen between the student and teacher first.  If you, as the student, are unhappy with the results of the conversation with your teacher, you may have an appeal process available to you, but that would be something you'd need to talk with someone at your school (probably in administration) to figure out.

I know this may not answer your question fully, but it's really the best we can do in the community, and for that reason I am going to mark this as the solution so we know an answer has been provided.  Please do feel free to reply back to this thread if you have more questions or feel the info provided so far isn't sufficient.


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