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I see file storage per course is 500 MB/course for the Free account and 50 MB/user. Are discussion posts within each course limited as well for the Free for Teachers version? We are planning on trying the free version for a group of 83 students.

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Hi @PaulMartino1,

Graded discussions fall into the "assignment" category, which means that files attached to those posts should not count towards either the course or user quote (as assignments are basically exempt).  Attachments for discussions which are not graded should count towards the user quota.  If you're having students attach small things like a word file, you should generally be okay.  If you're doing larger things like powerpoints with a lot of images, students may quickly run out of space and be unable to post new things without deleting previous files (which can be a grading nightmare).

Hope this helps answer the question!


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