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New Quiz Speedgrader issue

I have created a New Quiz. My students have taken the quiz. I need to grade the short answer and fill in the blank questions that the computer didn't grade correctly. However, the quiz is not showing up under my TO DO List. There is NO Speedgrader button for me to push. The ONLY option I have is to click on each student name in Moderate, make changes, and click back out. I have to scroll to the next student's name and so on. That is VERY LABORIOUS!! HELP ME, PLEASE!!! How can I fix this issue or work around it?

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The only way I have found to get to the Speedgrader for a New Quiz is from the gradebook. Click the 3 dots of the quiz and select Speedgrader.

Just a thought....but this is may be because when you open a New Quiz, it automatically goes to the edit window. Previously, assignments or quizzes you would have to click edit when viewing, so other options were available.