New Quizzes. What is the shortcut to edit html in answers?

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A colleague accidentally button bashed the keyboard and brought up an HTML edit in the New Quizzes answer boxes. I can't work out what they pressed. It would be great to edit the HTML. They were trying to press ctrl shift v. 

See the below image:







Any ideas?


Many thanks 




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Hello @lowea 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with editing the HTML for new quiz questions. Thank you for providing the screenshot and explanation for  what the other user did. To be upfront, I have no idea how they generated that. Currently, there is no button or short key for HTML in new quizzes and has been brought up a handful of times within the community:

I tried going to my own sandbox, CMND SHFT V, and many other combinations to get the HTML to populate as in this picture, but nothing will generate  this. Also, it is not currently in our documented list  of keyboard shortcuts  either:

Classic quizzes has the option to edit HTML for new quizzes and that is a feature that has been widely requested for new quizzes but technically not here yet. Again, making this very perplexing. If anyone else can generate this, we would love to know how. 


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