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I recently copied the wrong canvas course into a new "blank" one, so I would like to reset the course content and start over. I looked up how to do this on canvas and found this guide.

However, the reset course content button is not visible beneath "export course content" on my side bar. How can I access this feature? I've included a screen shot of what I see, just to prove I am not blind or something.Screenshot (56).png

I did look through the forums and haven't seen any threads by people with my exact issue, though I see lots of advice not to erase course content and posts asking people why in the heck they would want to do this. Note, the semester HAS NOT started yet, and I am asking because I copied the wrong course content into a course for an upcoming semester that does not currently have any students in it. I need to erase this so I can start over.

I can't believe I am the only instructor who was stupid enough to do this.



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Hi @erica_wagner 

I expect you are rather frustrated by now.

Many schools remove that button for safety reasons. The three I currently work for have, and before I retired as one school's Admin, we also removed it. You will need to contact your school's Canvas Admin to get your course reset.

Good luck,


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