One SIS ID shows two user result

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Hi Experts, 


i have two user in CANVAS and changes their SIS ID manually but inadvertently i have given them wrong SIS ID. Again i have interchanged their SIS ID to correct.

Example: I have 20LLB030 & 20BBAD03 already in canvas. Now, i have to change their SIS ID as 20BBA114 & 20BBA113 respectively. But inadvertently, i have changed them to 20BBA113 & 20BBA114. Now when i searched for 20LLB030 it shows the result 20BBA113 & for 20BBAD03 it shows 20BBA114.

After this i again changed the 20BBA113 & 20BBA114 to 20BBA113_deleted & 20BBA114_deleted respectively and again changed SIS ID 20BBA113_deleted & 20BBA114_deleted- to 20BBA114 & 20BBA113 respectively.

Now when i searched for 20LLB030 it shows the result 20BBA114 & for 20BBAD03 it shows 20BBA113, which is OK as per my requirement.

But the issue is this that when i search for 20BBA113 or 20BBA114, it shows the result 20BBA113 & 20BBA114 both.

Kindly help me to get rid of this.

Please see the attached screenshots:




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Community Coach

The user search doesn't just search the SIS ID, and doesn't just search for exact matches.  You'll want to check the full user record and notification settings and see if the string is partially matched in any login names or email addresses attached to the user.

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