Outcomes / Global Learning Standards upload into Canvas (like State Standards)

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We are in the UK HE so have no requirement for US state standards.

However, we do have a range of different standards generated internally and representing external body requirements that we want to add into Canvas.

Clearly there are import options for selected US standards

  • Can we import standards from .CSV ?
  • What fields/formats are required ?
  • At which level does the import need to be done ?
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Yes, outcomes can be imported at the account/subaccount level using the same CSV format that is used to import outcomes at the course level. Then instructors can use the find outcome function to add those outcomes to the rubrics attached to assignments within their courses. It's important to do it in this order (created at the account/subaccount level before added to rubrics) because the account/subaccount outcomes report only counts account/subaccount outcomes. If an instructor creates their own outcomes, those results are only included in outcomes exports run from the course level, not the account/subaccount level.

Here are relevant documents from the Canvas Guides:

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